Why I used A Wedding Photographer While Dating

Many people wait until the last minute to book their wedding photographer. This can sometimes be one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. What if the person you have in mind is not available on that date? What if the person you hire is not able to produce the results you have in mind?

These were some of my fears when it came to the perfect photographer for my wedding. This is why I booked a wedding photographer right when we were dating. Though I always knew we would end up together, I was just waiting for things to get confirmed. Once I said yes, the very first thing I did was a book the photographer.

Many people thought I was going over the top booking the photographer even before the venue was fixed.

Here are some of my reasons for booking them right away:

  • I didn’t want to risk them being unavailable on the day of the wedding. By booking them in advance for our dating period, I was always kept in the loop before they committed to some client around the dates I had mentioned for the wedding.
  • They were able to cover all the important events leading up to the wedding. Meeting the family, engagement party, writing down the wedding vows, shopping for the perfect dress, etc, were all covered this team and the end result was just amazing.
  • By the time of the wedding, they knew what worked and didn’t work with us. They had understood us well enough to bring out the best in us in their photos. This was just perfect as we now have a number of perfect photos to be framed and hung all around.
  • They had fresh ideas for the post-wedding shoot as they were aware of all that we had done and all the photos we had clicked up to the wedding.

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