Males Guide To Successful Dating

I was very unsure of this whole thing till my boyfriend assured me:

You know this was unnerving. I am definitely not the bossy type and I do not like to be domineering in a relationship either but this particular fetish that Robin had on his mind helped me see things in a very different perspective – it was one of the things that I never knew about me. So, in a way, it was a journey of self-discovery!

So, it all started with an article that we read together on this website:

We have this habit of reading things that internet us commonly together on the internet; not particularly any device but it could be the laptop or even the phone. So, we hit upon this website called lock ad cock and were reading the latest fetish that men have on locking their cocks so that they do not have orgasms. It is not just this. The cock is locked and the key is handed over to his partner.

So, you understand the implication of this?

It was sounding so funny at first but over the next few days Robin literally warmed up to this idea of locking his cock. But wait, it was not for a few minutes or hours or a day! It was for extended periods of time and I was so nervous. But I gave in after a little bit of hesitation.

I would hate to see him in pain:

Imagine you are making it out and he is almost there but he cannot get an erection or an orgasm because damn! We lock the cock!! It was too much when I thought about it. It was like inflicting a third-degree torture on someone you care for so much and love beyond words. But Robin assured me that it would all be fine and that we should try it out. Yes, we went for it and we are happy we did it. Six months down, Robin is so satisfied when I unlock his cock and we make it out like it is getting better with each time!…

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