People have been drinking coffee since the beginning of time, but I like to think of my generation as the coffee culture. What is it with coffee that has everyone crazy? Other than the caffeine of course. Just go to Instagram or Pinterest and search coffee and you can find entire boards dedicated to the brown goodness. When did we all start viewing snaps of coffee right up there with home decor? And I am right there with you since I do it myself way more than I should. I actually made an entire playlist about coffee just last year.

Growing up in the south the only coffee that was ever made was American drip coffee with Folgers. Most people just drink it black and as kids we were always told we would not grow if we drank any. We never really cared because we thought it was a gross old people drink anyway. Several years later when I was attending university I received a coffee pot one Christmas. One evening when I was tired and knee deep in studying for my exams I went and set up the coffee pot. From that point on, my roommates and I were hooked and seemed to always be drinking it. Weighed down with tons of sugar and vanilla creamer of course.

Visiting coffee shops were the coolest thing back then and I had never done it before, but soon I started meeting friends up and learning about coffee. For years I just… Continue reading


I used to never watch TV up until a couple years ago. Although we have a really great satellite service I guess I still never really watch TV since I always watch everything on my laptop. I like being able to just watch whatever I want when I am in the mood for it. The usual shows that I used to watch over the past few years have been True Blood (it just ended in a weird way), The Walking Dead (love it, but it’s on a break), Pretty Little Liars (still watching, but wth is going on?), The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones (also on a break).

At night after everything has been taken care of I love to sit down with a cup of tea and watch something on my laptop. It always relaxes me and takes my mind off of everything else. I was searching for some new shows that I would like a few months ago and found a few that I really love and thought I would share them with you.

1. Witches of East End
I was not sure what I would think of this show, but it’s now my absolute favorite one. A family of witches from a secret world living in our world. I do not want to give too much away, but trust me it’s good.

2. Bitten
This is a Canadian show so not a lot of people know about it, but wow it’s good. The show is about… Continue reading


Before I met my husband, I had never traveled outside of the US and really had never thought about what other countries thought about us. It’s kind of weird how we all think certain things about how people act in other countries and it’s even crazier to me how different so many countries actually are. Saudi Arabia is so different from the rest of the world, especially to an American. Sometimes I feel like I went centuries back in time. Over the past 8 years I have traveled and met a lot of people from around the world and I thought I would share some of my experiences with you all.

While I had not traveled out of the states before 8 years ago I had traveled all over them. As you all know I am a southerner from East Tennessee. Although Tennessee is part of America I always felt like we were sort of like our own country. That is how different we are from the rest of America. And wow the funny things people across America think about us. When I moved to Chicago for school, I was quite shy over my accent and the things I was asked.

So here are a few of my encounters. One time I was getting my watch fixed by man from Pakistan. He asked me where I was from and I told him. He said he was shocked because most Americans are so loud. Yea, that’s right, most other countries think… Continue reading

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