I am a little late with font Friday, but I did not even realize the week was already over. It’s weird to say, but time has gone by so fast yet painfully slow for me at the same time. My schedule that I love is down the drain since it’s Ramamdan now. All day without food leaves you feeling cranky, tired and slow and then after sunset when you finally eat you fill up with energy. This is the time most people start winding down so that means everyone here is up all night and cannot sleep because they finally have the energy to do all the things they don’t during the day. It’s a mess, but at least I am not alone with my crazy schedule. I was browsing through some fonts and came across Loew and it caught my eye. It’s a simple font, but it looks so classy. It has several weights and it’s not free, but they are giving away the heavy weight which still looks good. I may have to buy a few of the rest though.

Loew is a geometric based sans serif font influenced by the early industrial designer’s. Pure mechanical shapes are carefully adjusted to give the characters the right form, function and usability. These subtle human touches combined with the technical detail provide great readability at both large and small point sizes. Loew is a versatile sans serif font with simple and honest geometry aimed at a wide range of modern applications. Details include over 800 characters with alternative lowercase a, e and g. Seven variations of numerals, true small caps with accents, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.

Friday’s font: Loew Heavy
Classifications: Sans Serif
Numbers of styles: 1
Designer: The Northern Block Ltd
Get it here: My Fonts


When it comes to my image processing I am really into a natural look so I do not do that much when it comes to editing. I do not have a lot of natural light in my house so I use a few actions to lighten my images. If I do not use my own images I use image stock from Shutterstock. Every now and again, I love a good black and white image or a little color applied, but usually I think natural images look the best and most realistic.

I use PhotoShop CS6 to edit my images. Over the years I have tried a lot of actions, but my three favorites are Totally Rad, Florabella and The Pioneer Womans. I take all of my pictures with a Canon EOS 550d. I have really loved this camera and wish that I was a better photographer. I am hoping the next place we live in has a lot of natural light so I can finally learn more.

When I take pictures for my blog, I try to take several shots of the same thing since a lot of them end up looking bad. I transfer all the images to my laptop, then go through them deleting the ones that are bad and keeping the ones that I like and choose to use. I usually use 1-4 images so I open them up in PhotoShop to start the editing process. So here is the steps that I usually take.



1. Outdoor images are always bright, but most of mine is taken indoors with some lighting issues. To remove some of the shadows I go to IMAGE-ADJUSTMENTS-SHADOW/HIGHLIGHTS From there I adjust the shadow amounts to 5 or 6. I never recommend going over those two numbers.


2. After this I run my favorite auto correcting action by Totally Rad called claire-ify which is in the TRA2 – THE REVENGE set.

3. Sometimes it still needs a bit of lighting so I run The Pioneer Womans slight lighten action.


4. Sometimes photos taken indoors can have a yellow tone to them. To take some of the yellow out I use The Pioneer Womans cooler action. Usually it takes too much yellow out and can make things blue, so I highlight the action in the layer bar and adjust the opacity to half or whatever looks normal.

5. After the editing is complete I flatten the image and add a new layer. LAYER-NEW LAYER-LAYER and then I add my watermark with my already made brush in black and white and then I lighten the opacity so it can only be seen slightly.

6. I also always resize my images the correct size I need them as well as making them web ready and naming them for SEO.


My little guy turned 7 yesterday and it’s all kind of surreal how fast he’s growing up and that I am actually a mom to someone this age. I never thought I would be someone to get married or have kids and then after I was married I found myself wanting a little one. We were lucky to get pregnant not long after we started trying and 5 months after we were married I was pregnant. My life completely changed at this point and all I thought about my entire pregnancy was the well being of my son. I say son because I always knew it was a boy. It’s weird, but moms always know what they are having. As soon as the baby is inside us the bond has started.

My husband and I was living in Northern Virgina while he finished university. We were newlyweds who were about to have a baby and completely alone and broke. All of my family was in Tennessee and his here in Riyadh. Luckily he was on scholarship at the time to study abroad so we got a monthly check which covered rent and some very basic essentials. A lot of people would probably say why would anyone who did not have money have a baby and while I do agree with that I have to admit that we were young and not as witty as we are now plus we are Muslim and have been taught that the greatest blessing is a baby and that God always provides for you when you choose to have one.

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