Males Guide To Successful Dating

I was very unsure of this whole thing till my boyfriend assured me:

You know this was unnerving. I am definitely not the bossy type and I do not like to be domineering in a relationship either but this particular fetish that Robin had on his mind helped me see things in a very different perspective – it was one of the things that I never knew about me. So, in a way, it was a journey of self-discovery!

So, it all started with an article that we read together on this website:

We have this habit of reading things that internet us commonly together on the internet; not particularly any device but it could be the laptop or even the phone. So, we hit upon this website called lock ad cock and were reading the latest fetish that men have on locking their cocks so that they do not have orgasms. It is not just this. The cock is locked and the key is handed over to his partner.

So, you understand the implication of this?

It was sounding so funny at first but over the next few days Robin literally warmed up to this idea of locking his cock. But wait, it was not for a few minutes or hours or a day! It was for extended periods of time and I was so nervous. But I gave in after a little bit of hesitation.

I would hate to see him in pain:

Imagine you are making it out and he is almost there but he cannot get an erection or an orgasm because damn! We lock the cock!! It was too much when I thought about it. It was like inflicting a third-degree torture on someone you care for so much and love beyond words. But Robin assured me that it would all be fine and that we should try it out. Yes, we went for it and we are happy we did it. Six months down, Robin is so satisfied when I unlock his cock and we make it out like it is getting better with each time!…

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What to Do When You’re Love Live Makes You Sad

Depression can affect all relationships but what gets affected the most is your love life. Click here for more information to know how to better your love life. Depression creates issues with intimacy and can even mess with your libido. It is neither something that you should be ashamed of since it is not uncommon. Even if you do not feel anything about it, someone who loves you is definitely suffering from your depression. As per statistics, women are more prone to be depressed than men.

Depression can affect all and people of all ages. It is today the topmost disability and no one is actually immune to this disease. Depression affects responsibilities, work and even relationships and in such cases medication is recommended for most to get back to normal.

There are various ways by which you can fight depression. You could start using butt plugs which are anal sex toys and these are great because of a number of reasons. These help to relax the muscles and thus make anal sex easy. The next best thing about it is that it introduces you to feel and also gives you pleasure.

It is important to note that you use lots of lubricants when you insert the butt plug. You do not have to move it but you may, however, want to move it a little in case you are a man. Butt plugs are available in all sizes and materials. If you are just starting then you could consider using a smaller one and gradually move to the bigger sizes.

Also, make sure that you choose the material of the butt plug carefully. There are butt plugs made using materials like silicon, rubber, and vinyl. It is important that you do not buy the cheaper ones because they are made using cheap material which can end up damaging your canal.


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3 Top Tips For Saving A Marriage

It is easy to get into a marital relationship but very difficult to hold on for long, till the last breath. There are people who have stuck to their relationships firmly inspite of all tough and tide times and it is the basic trust that keeps them through the rough times. Letting go is simple and easy and happens in no time but this is not something for what you have signed for or spent all your time and happiness into it. So think twice before deciding. The love for each other would never fade away completely but would have got down to the end; it’s easy to bring it back if you take some time in convincing and compromising with your spouse. So do it today and save your relationship for it is precious.

You can do this by sitting with your spouse and talking to her at length about what went wrong and why at all the misunderstanding. This is a good solution that would bring to light the possible and simple problems between you two. Once you are clear on this, try surprising with something of her liking like jewelry, a red rose a handbag or just go find the best shoes for your girlfriend. All these might sound and look silly but there is a lot of value and love behind all of these and you will get to experience them only when you do this. It is not about what you give her but with how much love you give her that makes it all.

By doing all these small things you get an opportunity to resurrect and rebuild the happiness and make your relationship a stronger one. Ego is a great peril to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. So shun it and reckon trust and happiness into your lives.…

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Strike A Conversation With Your Crush With These Simple Tips

Approaching your crush and talking with him or her takes a lot of courage. If you confidently approach your crush with the right questions you can make the conversation a whole lot simpler. Prepare ahead about the things to ask your crush and strike a great conversation.

  1. Strike the right cord:

Often we develop a crush on people we feel connected with. There might be similarity in tastes and interests. So understand what that common factor is, the one thing that connects you and your crush. Strike the right cord to easily start a conversation.

  1. Push aside your hesitation:

The nervousness you feel in connecting with your crush would only get worse if you do not allow things to proceed smooth. The more you hesitate and postpone your conversation with your crush, the more nervous you would be to approach your crush. So set aside your hesitation and approach your crush with confidence. Once you speak with your crush and feel comfortable you would not be nervous anymore.

  1. Express your genuine interest:

Do not hide your feelings. But at the same time, make sure that you do not sound too desperate. Being your real self would only create a great impression. Establish a subtle connection without trying too hard. Taking the first step is the crucial part in any relationship.

  1. Your body language matters a lot:

Your voice tone and body language would easily give away your feelings if you do not have enough control. Your body language should express you confidence. People like those who are confident. This would only make you look more attractive.

  1. Have a balanced conversation:

Once you have mustered the courage and started talking, maintain a balance in your conversation. Do not keep bragging about yourself or asking too many questions about your crush.…

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